At Cranbourne East Secondary College, our Physical Education and Health courses provide students with knowledge, skills and behaviour to enable them to achieve a degree of independence in developing and maintaining their physical, mental, social and emotional health.  Physical Education and Health focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity in the lives of individuals and groups in society.

Physical and Health Education is a compulsory subject at years 7 to 9.  There is an emphasis on Movement and Physical Activity, Health Knowledge and Promotion, Working in Teams, Reasoning, Processing and Inquiry. All teaching and learning in Health and Physical Education is based on the Victorian Curriculum and the Department of Education and Training's Respectful Relationships Program.

We also currently offer a personal training elective, design to equip students with the knowledge to become their own personal trainers who are able to measure and improve their own fitness levels.

We also offer students VCE Physical Education and Health and Human Development in year 11 and 12 as part of the VCE curriculum.

The Health and Physical Education curriculum for 2018 can be viewed here [inactive].


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