Cranbourne East Secondary College is a school where all students are empowered and are able to achieve success. As an outstanding educational setting, the school exemplifies excellence and high expectations for all members of the learning community.

Students are expected to complete a range of Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) each term. The College acknowledges that not all students are able to meet this expectation for various reasons. As such, we are offering students a second chance to submit CATs that were not submitted by the initial deadline. This opportunity exists within the Redeem Program.

How it works

  • Students who fail to submit a CAT are nominated by their teacher
  • Students receive a letter with the name of the CAT and the day(s) they are required to attend
    • An automatically generated email will also be sent to parents
  • Parents provide consent by signing the reply slip attached to the letter
  • Students return the reply slip
  • Students attend the Redeem Program and complete the assigned CAT
  • Students who do not attend have not met the requirements of the subject and this will be reflected in their school report


The Redeem Program occurs during the middle of each term on:

  • Wednesday from 3:10 – 4:10 and/or
  • Thursday from 3:10 – 4:10

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