This program recognises commitment and effort outside of the classroom. Students are awarded points in four categories:

  1. Arts & Clubs
  2. Leadership & Community
  3. Sport & Recreation
  4. Values
    • Respect
    • Growth
    • Achievement
    • Responsibility

Points are assigned by staff and accumulate throughout a student’s time at CESC.


When a student has reached 1,000 points in any category they will be awarded a badge and a bronze merit for that category. The merit is attached to the badge. They will continue to accumulate points and be awarded a silver merit at 2,000 points, a gold merit at 3,500 points and a platinum merit at 5,000 points. These points are visible to both students and parents in Compass. An SMS will be sent home each time a students is awarded a badge. Badges and merits will be awarded at whole school or year level assemblies.

RGAR badgesPoint Tally

You can see how many points a student has accrued by looking in Compass at their chronicle summary. Tope 10 students will be published in our Newsletter along with the House tally.

chronicle point summary

Activities eligible for points

The following activities are some examples of how students can receive points


       Category      Activites & Events 
     Art & Clubs       Artscape   Breakfast Club
  Chess Club   Diversity Club
  Drama Club   Culture Club
   Music Club   Production
     Leadership & Community         4Cs   Multireps
  Assembly Performers        Student Voice
     Sport & Recreation   Athletics   Swimming
  Cross Country   School Representation     
     Values   Respect   Growth
  Achievement   Responsibility


CESC Values Bar