Year 7 is the first year for students beginning their secondary college experience. Although there are many nerves along with excitement, for many, the transition process had begun during the previous year, in Year 6. It’s this time, in their final primary school year, students have opportunities to visit their chosen secondary college for events such as Orientation Day. This is where students get to experience and gain a better understanding of what it is like in the day of a secondary college student. It’s also an opportunity for students to make new friends, meet some teachers and ease some of their hesitations about secondary college.

At CESC, we pride ourselves on giving our Year 7’s the transition time it takes to get used to what secondary college expectations are and the time that it takes to get used to the changes that occur between primary and secondary school. This includes: understanding their timetable, having the correct books for subjects, successfully opening their combination lock, knowing where to go within the school, use of diary, being introduced to our digital program COMPASS with an understanding of how it’s used, just to name a few.

School wide, we promote high expectations, this begins in Year 7, where it is broken down into 4 areas.

  • Student learning (student outcomes)
  • Student attendance (including punctuality)
  • Student behaviour
  • Student appearance (uniform)

We aim to provide students with hands-on and relevant learning, through a relevant and engaging curriculum, that will support them to be real life learners. We work alongside our Wellbeing team, where they too, provide opportunities for smaller groups of Year 7’s, as well as whole class, in areas that are of need in regards to their wellbeing. This has included, developing social skills in smaller groups and being aware of bullying and strategies to prevent this, taught as a whole class.

Camp and Sport

As many students (and parents) worry about making friends and fitting in, we offer a camp, early in the year (February) to support student connection and a unique opportunity for students to build relationships, with peers and teachers too. Extra-curricular activities, such as team sport, are offered to students from Term 1. This is another avenue students can use to meet and make new friends.

Curriculum structure

Students undertake a number of subjects each semester designed to provide them with a range of learning opportunities. This allows students to draw on their passions and decide what subjects they would like to purse in the middle and senior years of schooling.

Students will study the follow:

  • Art
  • Design Technology
  • Drama
  • English*
  • Food Technology
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics*
  • LOTE
  • Music
  • Physical Education/Health
  • Science

*Students are divided into learning groups for English and Mathematics so we can support the needs of individual students in smaller class sizes.

Year 7 Student Voice

The Year 7 team values the student voice program. It is a key strategy in the promotion of student leadership and engagement within Cranbourne East Secondary College, as well a key part of improving and strengthening community links between students, parents and the wider CESC community.

In Year 7, we have a student class captain, where they have the opportunity to show their leadership in various ways, including organising pin-boards in our Year 7 area, liaising with various teachers, updating their class on information discussed in their Student Voice meetings, assisting with Breakfast Club, visiting primary schools to talk to students about their start to secondary college, hosting school tours, running year level assemblies and much more.

Celebrating the Good in Students

Along with our promotion high expectations, we find it equally important to acknowledge the achievements and positive work ethic of our Year 7 students. We meet twice a term to have official assemblies, run by our captains, where they showcase student work and provide certificates that their teachers have nominated students for. We celebrate this with a special morning tea, to commend such students for their positive contribution to our school.

7 assembly


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