C4S is an early intervention small group program to support selected students with social, emotional, and/or behavioural barriers that may affect their learning, their connections with peers and attendance at school.

The program is designed to support students to:

  • improve connectedness to school and engagement in the classroom.  
  • build and maintain friendships
  • strengthen self-esteem, confidence and resilience
  • develop strategies to overcome personal challenges
  • build emotional literacy
  • build independence, problem solving strategies and effective communication skills through a range of learning experiences.

The program comprises of weekly C4S workshops facilitated by a Leading Teacher and Social Worker, in addition to ongoing mentoring.  C4S staff liaise with year level leaders, classroom teachers, parents and the school’s wellbeing team to ensure these students stay connected and engaged at school.

While the program continues to evolve since it was first piloted in 2019, it has already proven to have had a substantial impact in supporting the many students that have been involved.  

TRY Mentoring

The college is fortunate enough to have access to TRY Mentoring Australia ( in partnership with staff from the college to support a range of students in Year 7 on a Wednesday afterschool.  TRY is a group mentoring program that involves engaging young people in hands on activities while further developing their social skills and life skills. These young people may benefit from additional support and guidance from positive role models who are fully screened and trained adult volunteer mentors.  A fun and friendly environment is established to support young people who may be experiencing difficulty making friends, have limited recreational opportunities, be disengaging from school, have limited social skills and/or have low self-esteem which may impact on their behaviour.

Junior Homework Club (Year 7/8)

The Junior School Homework Club runs on a Wednesday afterschool from 3:05 – 3:45pm in the Green Building.  It Is an opportunity for students to tackle homework assignments, either individually or collaboratively, accessing support from staff in attendance.  The college requires written consent from parents/guardians for students to attend.  Students can come every week or on a needs by needs basis when required.  Permission forms can be collected from the Green Admin Office.

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