A wide range of clubs are run before and after school and during recess and lunch breaks to enhance student’s time at CESC. These clubs are promoted to students throughout the year by Year Level leaders and Club Coordinators.

The CESC Breakfast Club is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am until 8.40am in the Red Building Foyer. All students and staff are welcome to come along to enjoy a wide variety of food including cereal, fruit, toast, yoghurt, as well as special items. We have round table seating and a welcoming and casual atmosphere. Please contact the Wellbeing Team for further information on attendance or donations.
To make things even more enjoyable for everyone these basic rules are followed:

  • Please sign in (for catering purposes). 
  • Please relax and sit down to have your breakfast. 
  • Please do not take food or drinks outside the dining area.
  • Please do not take more food or drink than you can consume. 
  • You can always come back for a second helping, don’t waste!
  • Please return your bowls, plates, cups, cutlery, etc.

In 2021, Culture club is a lunchtime club run every Thursday for students that aims to celebrate and understand the different cultures we have within Cranbourne East and the wider community. Culture club is currently working on an art display that focuses on celebrating Indigenous culture. The students are proudly working on this art piece which will be displayed within the school. All students and staff are welcome. Mrs Fulton and Miss Binnion. 

The purpose of the Culture Club (formally known as Indigenous Art Club) is to increase the understanding and respect of Indigenous and Torres Strait Island culture, as well, as other cultures in our multicultural school community.

Students of the club in 2017 participated in lessons and activities that had a STEAM design where they learnt about the Six Indigenous Seasons and how the Aboriginal people respectfully interacted with nature and the climate around them.

A follow up activity by the students was to create a large mosaic that displayed these seasons. The completion of this mosaic would not have been possible if interested students did not volunteer their time during lunchtimes, so a big congratulations to those students for their dedication and hard work.

The club since then has evolved into a multi-discipline collaboration within our school community, where students across all year levels, as well as, students within the club would regularly participate in activities that encompass the notion of respect to Aboriginal and other cultures.

In 2018, Year 9 students learning about Aboriginal Art and the club students went to the Koorie Heritage Trust in the city and the Royal Botanical Gardens of Cranbourne and participated in their learning walks; the Birrarung Wilam (River Camp) Walk and the ‘Shared Country’ walk.

In 2019, the club collaborated with the Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School and participated in their NAIDOC week celebrations, as well as, create the Multicultural Cuisines display in the orange building.

To help build students’ confidence and support systems at Cranbourne East Secondary College, the ‘Diversity Club’ was created in 2015 with great success. Diversity Club is a lunchtime meeting where students discuss current issues, LGBTQIA news and many other interesting things! It is a teacher supervised safe space for students of all genders and sexualities.

In 2020, Diversity Club participated in the 25th annual Midsumma Pride March, marking Cranbourne East Secondary College’s second year of participation in this event.

Cranbourne East Secondary College is a member of the Safe Schools Coalition. This is to ensure that students are comfortable to be themselves within our school and feel as though our school is a safe place for them. Safe Schools Coalition is a fantastic collection of organisations and schools who work together to ensure students and families who are same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse feel included within the school community.

Card and Board Games

Games Club is a fun and engaging environment for students to come together and play card and board games. Students get to play a range of games including Uno, Battleships, Jenga and many more. This club helps students with making social connections, taking turns, resilience, problem solving skills and confidence building.

Games club runs every Tuesday lunch time in Green 6. For Further information, see Ms. Hale in the Integration office OP08.

Chess Club

Chess Club is a club where students of all ages, cultural backgrounds and interests can interact, learn and play chess, regardless of their level of expertise. Chess teaches valuable lessons for developing students’ skills in strategy, problem solving, critical thinking, spatial awareness and goal setting. Chess Club also helps students form relationships with other students and make new friends.

Chess Club runs every Friday lunch time at 1:16pm in Green 6. There will be an upcoming Chess Tournament so make sure that you register your interest! If there is anything else that you want to know, see Ms. Banaag in the Year 8 office.

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is designed to bring students together who share a common interest in the trading card game ‘Magic: The Gathering’. This club fosters social skills whilst teaching students proper etiquette when facing challengers in a competitive environment. Throughout the year, students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills whilst improving on their literacy and numeracy.

Magic: The Gathering club runs every Tuesday lunch time in Orange 3. For further information, see Mr. Leung in the Year 9 office or Mr. Grey in the Year 10 office.

Junior Homework Club (Year 7/8)

The Junior School Homework Club runs on a Wednesday afterschool from 3:05 – 3:45pm in the Green Building.  It Is an opportunity for students to tackle homework assignments, either individually or collaboratively, accessing support from staff in attendance.  The college requires written consent from parents/guardians for students to attend.  Students can come every week or on a needs by needs basis when required.  Permission forms can be collected from the Green Admin Office.

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