Dear Parents and Guardians,

COVID–19 Update

As was announced Sunday 22nd, students will commence school holidays on Tuesday 24th March. On Monday 23rd March, students should only bring to school what they need for the day, and take home all property from their lockers. We are unsure when school will resume after the holidays and we will continue to communicate with you through Compass and Facebook. Learning Plans will be provided after the School Holidays through Compass Lesson Plans or will be available as hard copies if required.

The wellbeing of your child is our priority and our Wellbeing team will be in constant communication with some students over the time of the closure. What this will look like will be communicated this week.  If you are concerned about your child and believe that a check in is necessary could you please let our Wellbeing Leader, Marianne McEwen know through Compass or a phone call.

For our senior students, we are working to ensure both VCE and VCAL students will continue to be provided with a comprehensive curriculum.  We are currently waiting for further advice on how we will conduct School Assessed Coursework. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hard-working leaders, teachers and non-teaching staff who have taken on a significantly increased workload, in these uncertain times, to ensure your child continues to learn and be connected to school.  We thank you for your patience as we try to work through the impact of COVID – 19 on the school operations.

Communication is key to ensuring that everyone is kept up to date, so if you do not have your Compass login details, it is vital that you contact the College as soon as possible to get these. Please see below the members of the Principal team and Year Level Leaders who are always available.  Please use Compass to contact them.

  • Mandee Strickland – Principal
  • Carys Freeman – Year 11/12 Assistant Principal
  • Penni Roe – Year 9/10 Assistant Principal
  • Linda Buckeridge – Year 7/8 Assistant Principal
  • Rebekah Nicholas – Teaching and Learning Assistant Principal
  • Craig Allender – Whole School Organisation and Operations Assistant Principal
  • Paul Hill – Year 7 Year Level Leader
  • Corey Leslie – Year 8 Year Level Leader
  • Tony Leung & Cara McLean – Year 9 Year Level Leaders
  • Belinda Moss – Year 10 Year Level Leader
  • Elise Corney – Year 11 Year Level Leader
  • Kelly Jessop – Year 12 Year Level Leader
  • Irene Greenwood – VCAL Leader

Kind Regards,

Mandee Strickland


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