The purpose of the Culture Club (formally known as Indigenous Art Club) is to increase the understanding and respect of Indigenous and Torres Strait Island culture, as well, as other cultures in our multicultural school community.

Students of the club in 2017 participated in lessons and activities that had a STEAM design where they learnt about the Six Indigenous Seasons and how the Aboriginal people respectfully interacted with nature and the climate around them.

A follow up activity by the students was to create a large mosaic that displayed these seasons. The completion of this mosaic would not have been possible if interested students did not volunteer their time during lunchtimes, so a big congratulations to those students for their dedication and hard work.

The club since then has evolved into a multi-discipline collaboration within our school community, where students across all year levels, as well as, students within the club would regularly participate in activities that encompass the notion of respect to Aboriginal and other cultures.

In 2018, Year 9 students learning about Aboriginal Art and the club students went to the Koorie Heritage Trust in the city and the Royal Botanical Gardens of Cranbourne and participated in their learning walks; the Birrarung Wilam (River Camp) Walk and the ‘Shared Country’ walk.

In 2019, the club collaborated with the Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School and participated in their NAIDOC week celebrations, as well as, create the Multicultural Cuisines display in the orange building.

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