Digital Technology is a core subject that is run in both Year 7 and 8. During these years, students will learn important skills listed below in conjunction with the Science curriculum:

  • Evaluating data from a variety of digital sources
  • Investigation of data transmission in wired, wireless and mobile networks
  • Understanding of the specifications of computer components
  • JavaScript block-based coding

At Year 9 and 10, the subject is offered as an elective where students will be taking a more in depth look into the skills mentioned above along with:

  • Investigating how hardware and software is used to transmit, control and secure data in networks
  • Looking into the compression and storing of data
  • Critically analysing the credibility of sources of data
  • Learning and applying coding languages such as C++ and Python

Visual Arts:

  • Art Meaning and Making
  • Ceramics
  • Studio Arts
  • Visual Communication and Design

The Yr7 and 8 program provides students with the opportunity to gain experience across all areas that are offered. This provides the students with the information to make informed decisions regarding electives selections at Yr 9 & 10.

In Yr 9 & 10 students can choose form a range of available subjects in the form of electives. These subjects include; Design Technology subjects (Woodwork, Resistant Materials, Systems Electronics, Textiles) and Visual Art subjects (Art Meaning and Making, Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design, Ceramics)

As part of the VCE curriculum subjects offered are Product Design and Technology, Systems Engineering and Studio Arts.


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