Humanities is the study of human culture. At Cranbourne East Secondary College our students are given the opportunity to study subject areas such as:

  • Civics and Citizenship (the study of political and legal systems)
  • History (the study of important people and events from the past)
  • Geography (the study of people, places and the way they impact each other)
  • Economics and Business (the way individuals, businesses and governments make decisions about how to best use resources)

Humanities is a compulsory subject from Year 7 to 10. During this time, we endeavour to give students an excellent knowledge of the content but, more importantly, we teach students the skills that they will need to achieve future success. We attempt to teach students skills in research, note taking, analysis and evaluation. Making students think for themselves in order to use information and create new ideas is a vital part of the subject.

At Year 10, to further prepare our students for VCE, we offer electives that lead to specific pathways such as:

  • Modern World History
  • Rights and Freedoms
  • The Vietnam War
  • Living in a Global Economy
  • Running My Business
  • The Law and I
  • Environmental Change and Management
  • Power and Politics

The current offering of VCE Humanities based subjects at Cranbourne East Secondary College is as follows:

  • Business Management
  • Legal Studies
  • Accounting
  • History
  • Geography
  • Economics

An overview of the Humanities curriculum for 2020 can be viewed below.

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