2020 Annual Report

Annual Reports are completed each year by the Department and all education statutory bodies (schools). It is a legislative requirement for all schools to prepare an Annual Report for the school community. The Annual Report discusses the school demographic including achievement, engagement, well being and productivity. There is also a performance summary in regards to student outcomes and a financial report.

2019-2023 School Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is the school's statement to its community about what it stands for and what it intends to do over the next four years to improve student outcomes. It sets out the school's direction, it's goals, targets and key strategies for improvement.  The strategic plan is available to the school community to reflect on the outcomes, celebrate achievements, identify effective strategies as well as areas for improvement for the next strategic planning period.

2020 AIP

The annual implementation plan describes how the key improvement strategies in the school strategic plan and other significant projects will be put into operation during the year and how they will be monitored. This document is used to plan and communicate the work for the coming year and how this will lead to achieving the identified goals and targets with the school community.

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