Every term we have a whole school assembly. These assemblies are run by our Student year level leaders and school captains. These assemblies focus on our student’s accomplishments and successes. All parents and members of the school community are invited to be part of our assemblies to support and celebrate our students’ accomplishments. I look forward to meeting many of you in person and please do not hesitate to contact me via email should you require any information about Student Voice and Leadership at CESC.

Virtual Assemblies

During the remote learning period we will be having virtual assemblies so that we can stay connected as a school. Parents will be able to view the virtual assembly via a link that will be provided on compass.

Contact: SRC email


Harmony Day: Each year CESC celebrates Harmony Day. This day consists of an assembly that features various cultural dances from our diverse student community.   This assembly is coupled with a cultural/free dress day.

SRC barbeques: The SRC organises and runs barbeques for the students to support events on campus like open mic days.

The CESC Student Voice leadership team consists of Class Captains, Special Program Captains, Student Voice leaders Multi Rep Leaders. Student Voice members act as positive role models for all students at CESC and as ambassadors for the College in the wider community. Projects include the Breakfast Club, Free Dress Day fundraisers, Year Level and special occasion assemblies, and Home Group-based activities across the school. For further information, please contact Sawsan Hassan, Student Voice Facilitator, on 5990 0200

The student leadership team at CESC consists of:

  • School captains
  • School vice captains
  • Year level leaders
  • Class Captains
  • House Captains

School Leaders Election Process

The process by which we select our school captains is rigorous. Applications, elections and interviews with the student voice leader and principal are all part of becoming a school captain.

In December last year over 800 students and 100 teachers took part in school captain elections. The process was voluntary and open to all students and teachers to vote for who they thought would be the best representatives for the school and the student body for 2020.

The election process begins in term 4 of the previous year and students are inaugurated in the Term 4 Whole School Assembly (WSA) to be ready for Term 1 of the following year.

School Captains

Being a school captain is a great opportunity to be a leader and role model to students in our school. School captains represent our school at external events and take part in planning internal events such as assemblies. This year we have a very diverse group of captains from different backgrounds and with different interests and talents. However, one thing that they have shown that they have in common is the commitment, passion and enthusiasm to improve the school and make it the best place it can be for students today and in the future.

Congratulations to all of the students that nominated themselves and to all the staff and students that took part in the election process.

Introducing CESC’s 2020 Captains

House Captains

At CESC we have a house system that consists of 5 Houses: Chisholm, Parkes, Deakin, Florey and Gilmore. The house culture shines through at events such as the swimming sports and athletics day. There is a strong house spirit at CESC and these days in particular bring out an array of colour and costumes. Being a house captain means leading your house and building the house spirit.

The House captains for 2020 are:

  • Florey: TBC 
  • Gilmore: TBC
  • Deakin: TBC
  • Parkes: TBC
  • Chisholm: TBC

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC is a student run and governed body that addresses the needs, interests and concerns of the students. To help establish this body all school captains will play a role on the SRC executive.

The SRC meets on a weekly basis on a Thursday during lunch. Students meet to discuss any suggestions and projects that they would like to take part in. The SRC is made up of school leaders and is open to all students.

The SRC has minutes from all the discussions and liaises with the school leadership through the SRC facilitator. SRC elected representatives communicate with their respective year level and represent their year level interests on the council.

The elected Year Level Leaders form part of the executive for the SRC.

Part of implementing the SRC was the addition of new student leadership roles called Student Year Level Leaders. Student Year Level Leaders represent their year levels on the SRC and liaise between the students and the SRC. This ensures that all students are represented on the SRC and to increase the number of students developing their leadership and mentoring skills.

To select our Student Year Level Leaders, each year level took part in an online student election, voting for nominees from their respective year level. 

This year, the interest and participation in the nomination and election process was outstanding. There were over 41 applications received for these new positions with students showing a real interest in being part of starting something new that is aimed at increasing student agency, voice and governance. Nominees were active in promoting themselves and teachers played an enormous role in encouraging students to nominate themselves and to take part in this democratic process.

Congratulations to the following students on being elected as the 

2020 Student Year Level Leaders.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Aidan Kalaitzakis

Valentine Paul

Layla Cerna

Wajiha Musa

Willam Richards

Momir Milosevic

Hadija Katambwe

Fadilah Buksh

Abbie Robilliard

Olatomi Adeyemi

Sinalei Mauigoa

The SRC executive is made up of 18 students all playing different roles to collectively run the SRC in the interests of the students. The SRC is open to all students and meets every Thursday at lunchtime.

For 2020 the SRC Executive are:


Olympia Ward

Vice President

Saige Dupuy


Samuel Scandolera


Aisha Ashby

Publicity Officer

Nyapout Thon

Social and community Coordinator

Tasha Kumar

Year Level Reps

All elected Student Year Level Leaders

Leadership Programs

Highresolves program – students take part in three workshops throughout the year. These workshops focus on leadership and citizenship building. Students learn skills that have real world implication and focus on topics such as identity and purpose, a just society, social progress and a better self. Students build on these skills throughout the year through their leadership work in their year level, school and/or community.

Videos for change campaign – This is an international campaign where students are encouraged to think about an issue that they are passionate about to create a 1 minute video that raises awareness and directs people where to go if they would like to help.

The videos are submitted into a national competition and the winning videos across all age groups will be shown on channel 10’s The Project. The campaign is about giving students a space and an avenue through which they can have their voice heard, while gaining new skills in leadership, teamwork and video making.

Class Captains

Forming part of the student leadership class captains are chosen for each class. These students are responsible for leading their class and home room duties.

The following students are class captains for 2020

Year 12 Class Captains



Vice Captain


Vaiana Vaiimene

Emily Knevitt


Sam Trbojevic

Carrie Lake


Lachlan Garwood

Conor McQuinlan


Erika Leuterio

David Nguyen


Anparasan Pirabkaran

Beth Coburn


Chris Fernando

Amy Hancock


Tasha Kumar

Diya Sidhu 


Nathan Nekelo

Viki Rehakova

Year 11 Class Captains




Roymond Dungca


Chris Saba


Keiana Van Cuylenburg


Sophie Groves


Jay Patel


Rachel Smith


Tahlia Hinson


Blessia Selvaraj


Chloe Isgro

Year 10 Class Captains




Ace Carino


Lina Mohseni


Sebastien Tranquille


Maheen Irfan


Rhylie Harvey


Haidar Ali


Shaylen Payne


Yaqoob Jamdar


Florena Ruan


Parissa Batool


Alina Amini


Year 9 Class Captains




Nayana Georgie


Shaan Bhullar


Rose Kunnumpurath


Josh Anusencion


Adithya Pradeep


Ashlea Harders


Aditya Kundan


Fatima Raisi


Mo Milosevic


Leo Tangimama


Jye Mckay-Gadsden


Tearii Tukaroa

Year 7 Class Captains



Vice Captain


Precious Octavio

Anaya Pynadath


Emily Hamilton

Bakhita Yang


Rishabh Kumar

Brennen Reid


Katerina Pavlidou

Sanjana Sreejith


Enoch Gemechu

Jordan Bayley


Nuha Matar

Ella Robertshaw


Ali Azizi

Bineeta B


Asha Kennedy

Aastha Manral


Hadiya Rizwan

Ashlea Hale


Jamil Akbari

Nikita Whittingham


CJ Heaney

Jono Esper


James Tominiko

Neha Rijo


Tricia Aurelio

Arshiya Taneja


George Esper

Jeffery Souen


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