Message from Senior School Assistant Principal

It has been an excellent start to the 2019 school year!  The Senior School students have started the year extremely motivated and focused and it is pleasing to hear so many positive comments from teachers of their classes.

The Year 12 VCE & VCAL staff & students really set the tone for the year and built strong relationships with their peers and teachers during their annual study camp. It was pleasing to see students engaged in various presentations as well as participate in team building sessions. Thank you to all the staff who planned, attended or supported the camp both directly or back at school.

Over the last few weeks the Year Level Leaders have been using academic and attendance data as well as feedback from teachers to commence review meetings with students and where necessary, parents. These meetings will continue throughout the year and provide additional support for students.

Senior School students are role models for the younger year levels. As such, all students are expected to be in correct school uniform as per the uniform policy. This includes no logos on socks, no facial piercings (including no clear piercings), and school PE uniform only when VCE PE or VET Sport & Recreation is timetabled on that day. The full uniform policy can be located on the College website.

It is pleasing to see the majority of students using their time to an advantage in study periods or when they are looking for work placements. All students are required to be in Study Hall during their study periods and to use this time productively to complete required work, gain assistance from their teachers or finalise their work placements.

I look forward to working with the year 11 and 12 students and parents to ensure 2019 provides students with various opportunities, experiences and a plan for the future.

Penni Roe


Welcome back Year 11 students and new enrolments to Year 11. We are really pleased to share that the year 11 students have settled into the year really well.

Staff members that make up the Year 11 Team:        Year 11 Home group Teachers:

Senior School Assistant principal- Ms Roe         11A- Ms Adam             11F- Ms Lillis

Year 11 VCE Team Leader- Ms Corney                 11B- Ms Sood               11G-

Year 11 VCE Assistant Leader- Ms Bisi                 11C- Ms Samways     11H- Mr Bentley

Year 11 VCAL Leader- Ms Greenwood                 11D- Mr Wedig           11I- Ms Watts

Year 11 VCAL Assistant – Mr Steve Culbert      11E- Mr Fearnett

Career Advisor- Nancy Huez

VET Co-ordinator- Liz Hassell

Wellbeing Co-ordinator: Debbie Edwards

Senior School Key Dates: Term 1

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