RGAR Awards

This program recognises commitment and effort in and out of the classroom.

Students are awarded points in four categories:



When a student has reached 1,000 points in any category they will be awarded a badge and bronze merit for that category. The merit is attached to the badge. Students continue to accumulate points and are awarded a silver merit at 2,000 points, a gold merit at 3,500 points and a platinum merit at 5,000 points. 

These points are visible to both students and parents in Compass. An SMS will be sent home each time a student is awarded a badge. Badges and merits will be awarded at whole school or year level assemblies. Points are assigned by staff and accumulate throughout a student’s time at CESC. 

Points can be viewed in Compass in the Chronicle summary, see below. Top 10 students for each category are published in each School Newsletter. 

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