The CESC Student Voice leadership team consists of Class Captains, Special Program Captains, Student Voice leaders Multi Rep Leaders. Student Voice members act as positive role models for all students at CESC and as ambassadors for the College in the wider community. Projects include the Breakfast Club, Free Dress Day fundraisers, Year Level and special occasion assemblies, and Home Group-based activities across the school. For further information, please contact Sawsan Hassan, Student Voice Facilitator, on 5990 0200

The student leadership team at CESC consists of:

  • School captains
  • School vice captains
  • Year level leaders
  • Class Captains
  • House Captains
  • Student Representative Council
  • Student Voice Events
  • Videos and pictures

School Captains

Being a school captain is a great opportunity to be a leader and role model to students in our school. School captains represent our school at external events and take part in planning internal events such as assemblies. This year we have a very diverse group of captains from different backgrounds and with different interests and talents. However, one thing that they have shown that they have in common is the commitment, passion and enthusiasm to improve the school and make it the best place it can be for students today and in the future.

Congratulations to all of the students that nominated themselves and to all the staff and students that took part in the election process.

Introducing CESC’s 2020 Captains

House Captains

At CESC we have a house system that consists of 5 Houses: Chisholm, Parkes, Deakin, Florey and Gilmore. The house culture shines through at events such as the swimming sports and athletics day. There is a strong house spirit at CESC and these days in particular bring out an array of colour and costumes. Being a house captain means leading your house and building the house spirit.

The House captains for 2019 are:

  • Florey: TBC 
  • Gilmore: TBC
  • Deakin: TBC
  • Parkes: TBC
  • Chisholm: TBC

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC is a student run and governed body that addresses the needs, interests and concerns of the students. To help establish this body all school captains will play a role on the SRC executive.

The SRC meets on a weekly basis on a Thursday during lunch. Students meet to discuss any suggestions and projects that they would like to take part in. The SRC is made up of school leaders and is open to all students.

The SRC has minutes from all the discussions and liaises with the school leadership through the SRC facilitator. SRC elected representatives communicate with their respective year level and represent their year level interests on the council.

The elected Year Level Leaders form part of the executive for the SRC.

The SRC executive is made up of 18 students all playing different roles to collectively run the SRC in the interests of the students. The SRC is open to all students and meets every Thursday at lunchtime.

For 2019 the SRC Executive are:



Vice President






Publicity Officer


Social and community Coordinator


Year Level Reps

All elected Student Year Level Leaders

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