Applied Learning

VCE Vocational Major

The VCE Vocational Major is a new vocational and applied learning program that sits within the VCE. Four new subjects have been added to the VCE that will make up the core of your program. It takes what is called an ‘Applied Learning approach’. Applied Learning involves students engaging in relevant and authentic learning experiences. It is a method of learning where theoretical information comes to life for students in a real-world context that relates directly to their own future, is within their own control and is within an environment where they feel safe and respected. Students’ knowledge grows and expands as they take action to learn, reflect on that action and plan how to do it better next time.

The VCE Vocational Major is the replacement for the Intermediate and Senior VCAL. It is a two-year program over Years 11 and 12. Only students who enrol in the full program can choose these new VCE VM studies.

The VCE Vocational Major will prepare students to move successfully into apprenticeships, traineeships, further education and training, university through alternative entry programs or directly into the workforce. The four main studies are assessed at a school level through authentic assessment activities. There are no external examinations for the VCE VM studies, and therefore, students do not receive a study score and are not eligible to receive an ATAR.

Students who have completed the satisfactory completion requirements of the VCE VM will receive a Victorian Certificate of Education with the words Vocational Major on it to recognise their achievements.

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