Design Technologies.

Textiles, Food Technology, Digital Technology, Product Design and Technology, Electronics- Systems Engineering

The Technologies provide a framework for students to learn how to use technologies to create innovative solutions that meet current and future needs. Students are encouraged to make decisions about the development and use of technologies, considering the impacts of technological change and how technologies may contribute to a sustainable future. The curriculum provides practical opportunities for students to be users, designers and producers of new technologies.

In Design and Technologies, students use design thinking and technologies to generate and produce designed solutions.

In Electronics-Systems Engineering students use electronic and mechanical components to produce solutions to specific design tasks.

In textiles Students use fabrics and Fibres to create design solutions

Digital Technology

Digital Technology is a core subject that is run in both Year 7 and 8. During these years, students will learn important skills listed below in conjunction with the Science curriculum:

  • Evaluating data from a variety of digital sources
  • Investigation of data transmission in wired, wireless and mobile networks
  • Understanding of the specifications of computer components
  • JavaScript block-based coding

At Year 9 and 10, the subject is offered as an elective where students will be taking a more in depth look into the skills mentioned above along with:

  • Investigating how hardware and software is used to transmit, control and secure data in networks
  • Looking into the compression and storing of data
  • Critically analysing the credibility of sources of data
  • Learning and applying coding languages such as C++ and Python

Food Technology.

Food Technology is often referred to as a life skills subject as many students take the knowledge and skills learnt at school and apply it beyond the classroom now and in the future. It is is a practical and theoretical subject that teaches students the importance of: health, safety and hygiene practices, healthy eating, cooking skills and food science.

Specifically, it focuses on students creating designed solutions using the design process: design, Investigate, produce and evaluate. They establish detailed criteria for success, including sustainability considerations, and use these to evaluate their ideas and designed solutions and processes

  • Food technology –Year 7
  • World of Food – Year 9
  • Healthy Eating for Life – Year 10
  • Trends in Food – Year 10
  • Introduction to Food Studies – Year 10
  • VCE Year 11 and 12
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