Learning 4 Success

Learning For Success (L4S) is a specialised program that focuses on developing a range of skills within our students such as collaboration, interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and confidence. With a focus on relationships and high expectations, this program will help develop life and academic skills and knowledge.

Learning For Success- ENGAGE SESSION

“Play is the highest form of research”- Albert Einstein

ENGAGE is a separate aspect of the L4S curriculum that has been designed to cover a variety of areas of academics, community service, school-based connections, adventure, independence, and/or enjoyment.

This program will focus strongly on authentic learning experiences to develop a range of skills such as problem-solving, social skills, leadership, creativity, perseverance, zest and build relationships where the goals are to:

  • Provide learning opportunities that encourage deep engagement with learning.
  • Provide a structure that develops strong relationships between staff, students, and the College.
  • Provides a robust experiential approach- learning by doing to build resilience.
  • Provide a structure that supports greater links with the community.

The activities are ever-changing based on student interests and passions however in the past we have offered Lego therapy, mindfulness, yoga/Pilates, sports games, codebreaking, survivor strategy activities, origami, STEM etc.


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