At Cranbourne East Secondary College, our Science courses aim to encourage a sense of curiosity and wonder about the world. During their time at the College, students will be equipped with scientific skills so that they can understand the world around them. Students are encouraged to follow up on their natural curiosity with intelligent questioning and active research.

Within our specialist learning spaces, our Year 7 students can be observed solving a range of crimes using forensic investigation techniques along with learning about forces in our world, both big and small. Students in Year 8 become informed global citizens of the future as they advance their scientific skills through investigation of environmental and sustainability issues. This culminates in students presenting a ‘Living in 2050 EXPO’ where they have to communicate clearly what they have learnt. Digital Technology continues to increase in its importance in our daily lives and the workplace. Both Year 7 and Year 8 students will develop their Digital Technology skills in conjunction with their Science learning.

Our Year 9 students also reap the benefits of our specialist learning spaces exploring, experimenting and engaging with a wide ranging curriculum. This includes investigating the forces of electricity and magnetism, chemical reactions and environmental science.

Students in Year 10, will gain a greater understanding of the Universe, the structure of our cells and DNA and Newtons Laws of motion. In addition to studying Core Science, students also have the opportunity to explore the Sciences even further by undertaking one of the four semester based electives. These new courses are proving popular and are designed to take student interest and understanding to a new level as they offer a wide range of skills based learning and an ideal preparation for VCE studies.

Our Senior School VCE program provides excellent opportunities for students to further advance their scientific understanding and skills. At Cranbourne East Secondary College we offer Units 1-4 Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. These subjects offer students the ability to pursue an academic pathway into University study.

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