At Cranbourne East Secondary College we strive to make each student’s transition from Primary School to Secondary School a positive experience. We achieve this through a supportive Orientation Program provided for Year 7 students, at the beginning of their first year at the College. There are various programs offered to provide ongoing support for students throughout each school year.

As many students enter secondary school, they experience some concerns about making friends in their new environment. To alleviate these concerns, we offer a camp early in the year to support each Year 7 student in making good connections with others. This includes building relationships with both their peers and with school staff. Such relationships are significant in maintaining each students’ wellbeing. Extra-curricular activities, such as team sports, are also offered to students from Term 1. 

This is another avenue students can utilise to meet and make new friends.

Curriculum Structure

We support all students to become lifelong learners through a ‘hands-on’ and engaging curriculum. 
Students undertake a number of subjects each semester, designed to provide them with a range of learning opportunities.

Students will study the following subjects:

  • English*
  • Mathematics*
  • Science & Digital Technology
  • Humanities
  • Physical Education/Health
  • LOTE (Mandarin)
  • Learning for Success (L4)
  • Visual Arts
  • Technology studies
  • Performing Arts (Drama)
  • Food Technology

*Students are divided into learning groups for English and Mathematics so we can support the needs of individual students in smaller class sizes.

Junior School Student Handbook
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