• At Cranbourne East Secondary College, Year 8 students are provided with opportunities to consolidate on their first year of secondary schooling. For example, our Learning for Success Program, commenced in Year 7, continues into Year 8. This program is essential in delivering ongoing support for students throughout the school year.

Our Year 8 students also benefit from several in-school programs and presentations. A significant highlight is the Year 8 Health and Wellbeing Day. Along with other programs, the Year 8 Health and Wellbeing Day allows our students to extend their knowledge and skills and to gain greater confidence in progressing further with their studies.

Curriculum Structure

The Year 8 curriculum allows students to draw on their passions and decide which subjects they would like to pursue in the middle and senior years of their schooling.

*Students will study the following subjects:

  • English*
  • Mathematics*
  • Science & Digital Tech
  • Humanities
  • Health and Physical Education
  • LOTE (Mandarin)
  • Learning for Success (L4S)
  • Media Studies
  • Technology Studies
  • Textiles
  • Music

*Students are divided into learning groups for English and Mathematics so we can support the needs of individual students in smaller class sizes.

Junior School Student Handbook
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