Year 9

In Year 9, our focus is on improving student outcomes by providing a stimulating and supportive learning environment. The Year 9 Program is structured around student engagement whereby students can either apply to undertake various Pathway Programs or complete a mainstream Year 9 Program. The Pathway Programs include:

  • High Achievers – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)
  • Sports (SPP)

In addition, all students will participate in a new subject titled Pathway to Success (P2S). All Year 9 students will complete the 6 period a cycle structured program (completed in a 3 period block per week). This program will contain 4 modules which students will rotate through during the year.

1. Careers & Life

Assists students in developing skills that will enable them to strike out on their own and be successful after school. Students will access various careers activities through local providers and tertiary institutions. During this module students will complete Mock Interviews.

2. Community

The purpose of this module is to understand others, the impact of the individual and how to improve the local community. Students will develop valuable skills that can be translated to workplace situations while broadening their outlook on the world. During this module students will either volunteer or complete a community placement at school.

3. Critical Thinking

Develops students organisational and planning skills. Students will undertake a project which will have clear aims and outcomes. The project is up to students, however they must work in small groups to achieve their goal and must have something to present to their classmates at the completion of the unit. This module will incorporate the Community Day.

4. Challenge

Develops a sense of self and pushing beyond self-imposed limits. Students will take part in a camp/hike.

We provide our students with valuable life-long learning experiences through engaging curriculum and a range of exciting extra-curricular activities. We also work collaboratively with the wellbeing team who offer a range of targeted programs, such as the Y Girls and RPC (Respect, Protect, Connect) programs which assist students in building resilience and positive relationships.

Year 9 is an important time for students, as this is the point in which many students will decide the path which they wish to take in the near future. During term 3 students will have the opportunity to apply to undertake a VCE subject in year 10. A process will be put in place to assist them with this decision and make sure that students are picking the subjects or programs that will help them on their way to fulfilling their goals. More details regarding this process will become available during Term 3.

Curriculum Structure

Students undertake a number of subjects each semester designed to provide them with a range of learning opportunities. This allows students to draw on their passions and decide what subjects they would like to purse in the year 10 and their senior years of schooling.

Students will study the following core subjects throughout the course of this year.

Core Subjects

  • English
  • Health
  • Humanities
  • P2S (Pathway to Success)
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Science

Elective Subjects

Below are the subjects offered in 2021. These are based on the Pathway Program chosen by the student.

  • Ceramics
  • Digital Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Media Studies
  • Product Design
  • Sports Pathway
  • Systems Electronics
  • Visual Arts
  • Visual Communication
  • LOTE (Mandarin)

Year 9 Student Voice

The year 9 team values the student voice program, which is a key strategy in the promotion of student leadership and engagement within Cranbourne East Secondary College. It also plays a key role in improving and strengthening community links between students, parents and the wider CESC community.

The Student Voice teams works collaboratively with the Class Captains and the Year Level Leaders to provide students with the opportunity to voice their opinion, discuss any concerns that individuals or classes may have and build a positive school environment.


Acknowledging the achievements and positive work ethic of our year 9 students is of great importance. The year 9 team has developed a number of ways in which student achievements are acknowledged. These include:

  • Academic awards
  • Endeavour awards
  • Correct Uniform recognition
  • 100% Attendance awards
  • Morning Teas
  • Assemblies
  • Showcase of student learning
Year 9 Student Handbook
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