School Council

The Council is the governing body of the College. Ministerial Order 1280 Constitution of Government School Councils specifies the total size of the council and the number of members in each school council membership category.

  • Ten (10) elected parents
  • Four (4)  DET category employees other than the Principal
  • Two (2) student representatives
  • The Principal

Elected members have two-year terms with half retiring annually, terminating on declaration of a ballot each year. Community members have a one-year term which also terminates on declaration of the ballot. Elections are in February each year.

School Council Meeting Dates 2023:

  • Monday 13th February
  • Monday 20th March
  • Monday 8th May
  • Monday 19th June
  • Monday 24th July
  • Monday 11th September
  • Monday 16th October
  • Monday 13th November
  • Monday 11th December

Committee Member


Rebecca Griffiths


Barry Taylor

Vice President

Mark George


Donna-Marie Hogg


Rod Hoober


Harrison Schack


Angela Grillias


Alica Jaso


Meagan Cook


Craig Allender

Assistant Principal

Tim Bray

Assistant Principal

Carys Freeman

Assistant Principal

Russell Lee

Assistant Principal

Dina Mingos

Assistant Principal

Kylie Williams

Assistant Principal

Zovinar Sharlassian

Business Manager

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