Our Day

The school day consists of 5 teaching periods. Prior to the first period staff are on yard duty to supervise students as they arrive and prepare for class. Each period runs for 58 minutes, the 2 of which are consecutive, referred to as a ‘double’. After period 2 students have a ‘recess’ break, the canteen is open during this time.

After recess students move into period 3. Starting on October 16th, 2023, the structure of the day will change from a combined lunch to a ‘split lunch’.

  • Year 7-9 have double for period 3 and 4 followed by lunch then a single for period 5.
  • Year 10-12 have a single for period 3 followed by lunch then a double for period 4 and 5.
The purpose of splitting lunch is to improve access to facilities for our students during their lunch break. As our enrolments have increased access to the canteen, toilets and play equipment such as basketball courts, volleyball nets, downball courts, the ninja playground and general seating and shaded areas has decreased. Splitting lunch halves the number of student trying to use these areas.

Whole School

Before School8:358:50
Period 18:509:50
Period 29:5010:50
Period 311:1012:10
Period 4J (7-9)Lunch (10-12)12:101:10
Period 4S (10-12)Lunch (7-9)1:102:10
Period 52:103:10
After School

Year 7-9

Period 18:509:10
Period 29:1010:10
Period 311:1012:10
Period 4J12:101:10
Period 52:103:10

Year 10-12

  Start Finish
Period 1 8:50 9:10
Period 2 9:10 10:10
Recess 10:10 11:10
Period 3 11:10 12:10
Lunch 12:10 1:10
Period 4S 1:10 2:10
Period 5 2:10 3:10
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