Benefits of School Uniforms

The wearing of school uniforms by students will assist school communities in:

  • making school clothing more affordable for families by eliminating the risk of peer pressure to wear transiently fashionable and expensive clothes and shoes
  • developing students’ sense of belonging to the school community
  • promoting a sense of inclusiveness, non-discrimination, and equal opportunity
  • reinforcing the perception of the school as an ordered and safe environment
  • increasing the personal safety of students and staff by allowing easier recognition of visitors and potential intruders in the school
  • providing an opportunity to build school spirit
  • enhancing the health and safety of students when involved in school activities
  • promoting positive community perceptions of public education
  • defining an identity for the school within its community

Source: New South Wales Department of Education and Training Student Welfare Directorate, © 2004 

New Uniforms

The  College Uniform Policy  outlines the Summer and Winter uniforms.

New uniforms are available from Belgravia Apparel/Buxwear

  • 29 Hamersley Drive, Clyde North VIC 3978
  • 0487 693 431
  • NEW make an appointment online (only available November 9th and 10th)

Second-hand Uniforms

The college is conscious of the need to provide an efficient process for families to be able to recycle and trade their uniforms and other student resources. The College introduced an initiative to provide parents with the ability to trade second-hand items via the Sustainable School Shop. See what’s currently available here

The service provides access to second-hand uniforms all year round. Parents can even trade with other parents from nearby schools; many schools are using the service in the area. Results from other schools have been excellent; families have enjoyed a more comprehensive and convenient method of trading these items. We encourage parents to take full advantage of this opportunity.
Please keep in mind the following dates:

  • November to 28th February is the end of year and the busiest period
  • April to 30th May is a change of season and a very busy buying and selling time
  • September to 30th October is also a change of season and a very busy buying and selling time
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