Physical Education classes provide students with the opportunity to develop their physical skills, physical fitness levels, effective communication and social health. Through participation and exposure to a range of sports and leisure activities students are able to find activities that will encourage them to be active for life.

Our program emphasizes participation, the development of movement skills and game sense. We put students with others of like ability to maximise learning opportunities, student comfort and skill development.

We are proud to deliver an age appropriate Health curriculum from Years 7 to 10. Our objective is to provide students with the information that they need to make informed choices about their lifestyle and risk taking activities. A skills based program is aimed at equipping students with the skills that are needed to cope with teenage life and into adulthood.

Through the Health content students are encouraged to consider the physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual health of themselves and how their actions affect the health of those around them. Including the importance of building and maintaining Respectful Relationships.

Students in Year 10 have a range of PE and Health electives to choose from. The Sports coaching elective gives students the opportunity to become qualified in General Principles of Coaching and Officiating through the Australian Sports Commision. Other year 10 electives include Introduction to VCE Physical Education, Sports Pathway Program, Team Sports and Leadership, Introduction to VCE Health and Human Development and Outdoor Education. All subjects have links to VCE PE and Outdoor Education.All of our year 10 electives are designed to prepare our students for VCE and VCAL studies in the senior school.

Our program extends to multiple classes in VCE, with Physical Education, Health and Human Development and Outdoor Education offered at the College. We also offer Sport and Recreation in VCAL.

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