At Cranbourne East Secondary College, all students in Year 7 partake in a semester of Drama. At the junior level, focus is on developing the expressive skills of voice, gesture, facial expression and movement- as well as common styles and techniques used to create and devise their own performances. Students are often working in groups to create and rehearse these performances and explore popular forms such as comedy, mime, melodrama, fairy-tale, and indigenous storytelling through workshops and exercises.

Students can choose to study Drama from Year 9 onwards. In Year 9, students study Renaissance Theatre- in particular Commedia Dell’Arte and Shakespeare. They will continue to build their expressive skills, and will start to look at what happens behind the scenes- with Production Areas such as lighting, sound, costume, set and props. In Year 9, students will also have the opportunity to see live theatre performances, and analyse them.

Year 10 students who choose to study Drama will be involved in a unique class project, endorsed by Drama Victoria. Students will devise a class play and present this work to other schools from across Victoria. Students will continue developing their expressive skills, and knowledge of production areas- but will also learn about the dramatic elements and why they’re necessary for creating dynamic performances. They will also study theatre styles that explore the notion of ‘creating a social and political change’ such as Epic Theatre and Poor Theatre and will explore these theatre styles and dramatic elements through class workshops and rehearsals.

In VCE Drama, students continually build their understanding of expressive skills, production areas, dramatic elements, and theatre styles in a range of group and solo performances. They will explore and experiment with an eclectic range of theatre styles that focus on going beyond the reality of life as it is lived. Students will also have the opportunity to see live theatre performances and analyse in detail. It is an intense performance-based subject that requires a lot of dedication- but is extremely rewarding. Students who are interested in this subject are encouraged to read the study design on the VCAA website for further details and speak to their Drama teacher about the expectations placed on students in this subject.


At Cranbourne East Secondary College, our Music program provides all students with the opportunity to engage with music as a listener, composer and performer.  Music at CESC is heavily practical, whilst only studying the essential theoretical concepts needed, allowing the maximum opportunity for student engagement; promoting higher achievement and quality of outcomes.

Students begin in Year 8 by focusing on the foundation music theory required to be an informed and knowledgeable musician. Students learn how to play simple songs on the Guitar, Keyboard and learn simple rhythms using the drum kit and hand percussion.

From Year 9 onwards, Music is an elective subject, with the combination of Music Production and Rockband. Students will use cloud-based websites and/or Digital Audio Workstation software to create a 2-3 minute composition. In the Rockbands unit rehearse together in class time and perform in front of their classmates and the wider-school community at Open Mic sessions held every month at school.”


Media Studies is a subject which attempts to explain what impact The Media (Movies, Games, Radio, the News etc.) has on you as a human being. It is a philosophical subject where there are no right\wrong answers. There are practical elements which include learning how to use photoshop and podcasting. Various media issues will be explored with topics including Conspiracy Theories, Internet Piracy and Violence in The Media.

There are 4 units which will be completed. The first will look at representation and you will complete a school magazine. The second will be a film analysis. The third unit will be about Media Issues and the final unit will be a journalism unit about said issues.


  • Beginner Photoshop
  • Podcasting
  • Film Analysis
  • Media Issues
  • Journalism


  • School Magazine
  • Film Review
  • Podcast
  • News Report
  • Book work


Cranbourne East Secondary College offers dance as an elective from Year 9 onwards although passionate students can participate in the specialist dance club at lunchtime. The dance course is committed to ensuring that students have the opportunity to develop strong dance technique, learn a variety of styles and refine performance skills whilst receiving the training at the highest standard.

Year 9

The Year 9 Dance curriculum is committed to ensuring that students have the opportunity to develop strong dance technique, learn a variety of styles and refine performance skills whilst receiving the training at the highest standard. Students can select electives such as Cultural Dance and Popular Dance Styles.

Year 10

Year 10 Dance is a largely practical-based course designed for students who have an interest or passion in the performing arts. The course focuses on many areas and styles of dance and encourages artistic creativity in choreography and performing. It requires students to generate ideas both individually and in groups and communicate these ideas through the use of dance and movement elements, skills and processes.

VCE Dance

VCE Dance provides opportunities for students to explore the potential of movement as a means of creative expression and communication. In VCE Dance, students will:

  • Create and perform their own dance works
  • Study the dance works of others through performance and analysis
  • Undertake regular and systematic dance training
  • Develop and refine their choreographic skills by exploring personal and learnt movement vocabularies
  • Perform learnt dance works from external choreographers.
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