Instrumental Program

Instruments Offered

Unlock your musical potential through the Cranbourne East Secondary College, Instrumental Music Program. We offer a wide range of instruments to ignite your passion for music and provide you with an enriching learning experience.

Instrument Options:

Whether you prefer to hire an instrument or bring your own (BYO), our program offers flexibility to accommodate your needs. Instrument hire ensures accessibility for all students, removing barriers to musical exploration and growth.

Choose from a variety of instruments, including:

Flute: Delight in the ethereal melodies of this versatile woodwind instrument.

Clarinet: Explore the expressive range of the clarinet, from soulful melodies to lively rhythms.

Alto Saxophone: Immerse yourself in the smooth and vibrant sounds of this iconic jazz instrument.

Tenor Saxophone: Experience the rich, warm tones of the tenor saxophone and embrace its expressive possibilities.

Trumpet: Ignite the stage with the brilliant and powerful sounds of the trumpet, perfect for jazz and classical genres.

Trombone: Dive into the dynamic world of brass music and master the slide of the trombone.

Euphonium: Discover the melodic beauty and versatility of the euphonium, blending harmoniously with other instruments.

Percussion: Unleash your rhythmic creativity through a variety of percussion instruments, adding texture and groove to any ensemble.

Drums: Feel the beat and become the backbone of the rhythm section with the energetic and dynamic drums.

Voice: Harness the power of your voice and explore the limitless possibilities of vocal expression.

Piano: Dive into the world of keys and unlock the magic of melody and harmony with the piano.


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