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Today, career incorporates everything we do in life – what we learn through participation in cultural activities, work experience, education, parenting, sports, hobbies, voluntary work and paid work- all these roles and activities of life and work add to a persons’ career development. In these busy times, managing a career is more important than ever before.

Career development is the process of managing life, learning and work over the lifespan. It applies to everyone:

  • children think about what they want to do as adults and start to form ideas about work and adult life during their early childhood development.
  • adolescents make decisions about subjects and a course of study, they juggle school, part-time work, family and social interests
  • adults work in the home, in paid employment, as volunteers, they work part and full time, have casual jobs and manage family life and social interests. They participate in a range of ongoing learning experiences throughout their adult lives. They may change several jobs, occupations and locations across their life time and will experience periods of unemployment, over employment and under employment. How they respond to these life challenges are all part of their career development.

Career Development is a vital element of the lifecycle as it assists people to navigate their way through education and training into employment and fulfilling working lives. Career development and guidance programs, help people to:

  • explore their career potential through self awareness activities
  • research a wide range of career options
  • understand how they make decisions and how these decisions impact have on their future aspirations
  • develop their career management skills so that they are well prepared to face the challenges of a changing world.
    Source: Australian Centre for Career Education

At CESC we are committed to actively assisting our students with career planning and supporting them through this process with vocational guidance, career education and individual counselling.

To support our students we offer a combination of career lessons, career newsletters and resources, managed individual pathway interviews, work experience program, structured workplace learning, group and individual mock job interviews, resume writing, focus days, guest speakers and excursions. Year 12 students will also receive comprehensive information about the VTAC, SEAS and Scholarship processes and parents will be invited to attend an information session facilitated by VTAC.

We have an experienced and qualified Careers team that can provide careers information and guidance and our role includes individual careers assessment, advocacy and referrals. We have established links with local TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations and can provide information for alternative education settings if requested.

Please contact the College Student Services Leader on 5990 0200 if you would like further assistance for yourself or your child.

Career Education and Pathways Planning is an essential responsibility of the College. For more information about the Career Education & Pathways Plan. Please click here.


The following websites are useful in exploring career and pathways options:

For the username and password, please see a member of the Careers team.

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Build your career profile, browse occupations, explore industries, search courses and institutions.

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The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) is the central office that administers the application processes for places in tertiary courses, scholarships and the Special Entry Access Scheme at universities, TAFEs and independent tertiary colleges in Victoria (and a few outside Victoria). VTAC receives and forwards application information and supporting documentation to the relevant authorities at institutions.

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Find information on a range of jobs, get advice on what might suit you, and pathways to get you there.

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The world of work can be overwhelming sometimes, but there is help for you to sort it out. Whether you’re looking for a job, putting together a job application, preparing for your first job interview, looking to build up your experience, or already in work and wondering if you’re getting treated properly, our service can point you in the direction of the answers you need.

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